Accident Investigations
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Accident Investigations Tampa

Accident Investigations


Even if you are the victim in a car accident, the at-fault party and their insurer often try to place the blame on you.   It is a mistake to rely on photos and police reports to prove you are not liable because they offer limited protection against those making a false claim.  To adequately protect yourself, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced professional private investigator in Tampa.  Typically, law enforcement agencies are buried in hundreds of car accident investigations and simply don’t have the time or resources to thoroughly investigate all of the claims for potential fraud.  Spy Tech Investigations in Tampa has conducted hundreds of accident investigations for numerous law firms and individuals.  Our experienced, professional accident investigators are trained to protect our clients against fraudulent claims.


Accident Reconstruction Process


First, Spy Tech Private Investigators conduct comprehensive accident investigations at the accident site and inspect the vehicles.  Then, after gathering statements from all witnesses the accident reconstruction process begins. This part of accident investigations is a complex process that requires experienced, trained accident reconstruction experts skilled in the process of using physics and mathematics to determine the speeds of the vehicles and their relative positions throughout the entire accident sequence.  Investigator reviews, at a minimum pre-and post-impact direction of travel, the length of skid marks, the post-impact distances moved, friction levels for the various surfaces of the road, point of impact, impact angles, and the weights of the vehicles.

Call Now For Your Free Private Investigation Consultation!


What are Accident Investigations?

There are numerous steps in conducting a thorough accident investigation.  Spy Tech Investigations in Tampa has experienced law enforcement and military trained accident investigators who have specific expertise in the complex process that begins with:


  • Weather: Clear, rain, or snow.
  • The time of the accident: Was the accident early morning, twilight, day or night.
  • The road configuration: Is it a one-way road, are there s-turns or hairpin turns.
  • The consistency the road: Concrete or asphalt.
  • Was there Road debris: Branches, oil/grease, blown tire.
  • What road signs are in the area: Stop, yield, speed limit.
  • Direction of travel of the vehicles involved: Same direction, highway merging.
  • Other accidents in same location: The city or County may have some liability.
  • The make, model and year of the vehicles: Different vehicles have different safety records.
  • Names and background of the people involved: One might have a history of accident claims.
  • Eyewitnesses to the accident: These are often critical to establishing fault.

In car or any type of motor vehicle accident investigations, time is of the essence.  It is critical that you gather clear and convincing evidence before it is lost or destroyed.  If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, contact Spy Tech Investigations in Tampa today at 813-902-0420 for a free case analysis.


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Spy Tech Investigations has over 50 Years Experience conducting investigations.