Bodyguard Services
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Bodyguard & Personal Protection Services

Bodyguard Services | Personal Protection in Tampa


SPY TECH INVESTIGATIONS in Tampa can provide experienced escorts & bodyguards if you have a situation or environment whether long term or transitory, where an individual may confront a physically hazardous situation. Our licensed investigators in Tampa include former federal operatives with years of national and international experience in a wide range of investigative cases. We can provide any level of protection including executive, personal, business, family and property.


Bodyguards for Celebrities


General CELEBRITY PROTECTION can be provided for a variety of celebrities including athletes, musicians, and actors. Our staff coordinates the travel, event security, shoot site, nanny screening and many other aspects of the celebrity’s estate. A typical assignment includes an escort to and from an airport, and various events such as dinner events, charity appearances, and other social gatherings. Spy Tech Investigators continually train, research and develop enhanced methods of discreetly and effectively ensuring the safety of our clients.

Armed & Unarmed Protection Services

We are experienced in both armed and unarmed protection and also provide transport services for delivery and pick up, guest services and crowd control. Spy Tech investigators are experienced in all of the required firearms and evasive driving techniques necessary to maximize the probability of safely delivering our clients and/or their valuable goods.

Call Now For Your Free Bodyguard Security Consultation!


Executive Protection in Tampa

It is common for major companies to appropriate millions in their budget earmarked for the protection of their top executives who often face a wide variety of threats according to the type of industry. High profile sectors such as financial services, jewelry, energy, and pharmaceutical companies are frequently targeted. We have the experience to craft each protective assignment to the specific needs of the company and individual subject.


Whether you have a battered spouse needing an escort, a witness needing pre or post trial protection, or a business person needing short, or long term executive protection, the experts at Spy Tech Investigations in TAMPA can provide you with the service, and ultimately the peace of mind you deserve.


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Spy Tech Investigations has over 50 Years Experience conducting investigations.