Cyber Investigations
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Call Now For Your Free Cyber Investigation Consultation!


Cyber Investigation

Cyber Investigations


Do you think your cell phone or computer has been hacked? Cyber crimes are becoming an increasingly common threat to businesses and individuals throughout the world. At Spy Tech America inc in Tampa, our experienced cyber investigations specialists are unmatched in tracking down hackers, product counterfeiters, grey market/unauthorized sellers and cyber criminals for a wide range of corporations, celebrities, law firms and individuals.


Businesses are often vulnerable to cyber intrusion and must take all available measures to protect their trade secrets and intellectual property. A professionally performed digital forensic examination can include ongoing internet monitoring and data breach analysis that will provide continuing protection against cyber intrusion in the future.


Because almost everyone carries a smart phone today, they are all vulnerable to possible hacking. None of these “mini-computers” that we all carry are immune from illegal hacking programs. At Spy Tech America inc, our trained professionals utilize state of the art, specialized equipment and software to determine if the device has been hacked, and if so, who is behind the illegal intrusion on your personal or business privacy.


This type of intrusion routinely occurs on:


  •             Computer Hard Drives
  •             Smart Phones & Tablets
  •             Cloud Servers
  •             Business Websites
  •             Email Accounts
  •             Social Media Accounts



Getting Results with Our Cyber Investigations


Spy Tech Investigators uncovers and interprets any hidden evidence of illegal entry that is typically impossible to obtain. Our experts simply follow the trail of “digital bread crumbs” that leads to the origin of any hacking of a personal device or business computer network. We have successfully discovered and provided cyber protective services including:


  •             Location Tracking and Identification of Cyber Criminals
  •             Website Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
  •             Data Breach Analysis and recovery
  •             Complete Hard Drive Recovery
  •             Origin of the Hacker’s IP Address

Call Now For Your Free Cyber Investigation Consultation!


Our Cyber Investigators

At Spy Tech America inc, we have extensive experience in cyber investigations and digital forensics. We also boast the only dual licensed, practicing investigator-attorney in the state whose courtroom experience is crucial in the event your case goes to trial. Call Spy Tech America inc for a free, confidential case analysis. Because what you don’t know…CAN hurt you!


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Spy Tech America inc has over 50 Years Experience conducting investigations.