Missing Persons
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Missing Persons & Skip Traces

Tampa Missing Person Locates & Skip Traces


Spy Tech provides years of experience in locating even the most reluctant witness, deadbeat dad, heir, debtor or defendant. Also known as a “SKIP TRACE” we have a remarkable history of successfully finding our target individual. Factors affecting the MISSING PERSON LOCATES include the amount of time the target has been missing and how adamant they are in remaining “missing”. Regardless of the reason, we have PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS who are former federal operatives with years of national and international experience in locating people.


Reasons for Missing Person Searches


There are numerous reasons to conduct a search for a missing person. You may need to locate a deadbeat parent who owes years in back child support and thinks that disappearing will get them off the hook. Spy Tech has an outstanding track record in locating missing people and providing the information necessary to pursue any legal claims you may have against them. Often, attorneys who practice Probate Law often need to locate a long missing heir or beneficiary in a probate proceeding. We also provide SKIP TRACES for Criminal and Civil attorneys who need to locate even the most reluctant witness or defendant.


Skip Traces for Former Tenants and Debtors


If you are a residential or commercial landlord, it is likely that you are owed substantial sums of money by former tenants who simply moved out and broke your lease without making payment. Over time, this can add to many thousands of dollars in lost rental income. We have successfully located numerous debtors in the TAMPA BAY area allowing our clients to pursue collection against those who have ignored their financial obligations.

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Spy Tech Investigations Experience

Eventually the vast majority of people will rent an apartment, go on social media, contact old friends and family members, or purchase a cell phone. These and many other clues are what lead our experienced investigators to their doorstep. Our access to highly secure computer database search engines, and years of experience allows us to search for these clues and locate missing persons with a remarkable success rate.


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Spy Tech Investigations has over 50 Years Experience conducting investigations.