Private Investigation
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Private Investigation Services Tampa

Spy Tech Investigations in Tampa provides a comprehensive array of investigative services in Tampa and throughout Florida. Our team of licensed private detectives includes highly experienced former federal agents and an in-house practicing attorney. We provide investigative services on issues including but not limited to:

  • Infidelity Confirmation
  • Cheating Spouse
  • Cyber Intrusion/Hacking
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Child Custody
  • Trademark/Copyright Infringement
  • Asset Checks
  • Missing Person Locates

  • Background Checks
  • Criminal Defense
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud
  • Electronic Bug Detection
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Identity Theft
  • Security Consulting

Spy Tech Investigation Areas of Service

From covert surveillance to Technical Service Counter Measures (TSCM) for electronic eavesdropping bugs, Spy Tech Investigators in Tampa have industry leading training and experience that is unrivaled. In addition to Florida, we are currently licensed to perform investigations in 13 states with more nationwide licensing in the process. We are unmatched in the investigative services we can provide throughout the country.


In Tampa, Spy Tech Investigations strictly adheres to all federal, state and local laws and regulations governing the private investigation industry. The State of Florida regulates all licensed private investigators and investigative agencies under Chapter 493, Florida Statutes which is considered to be the most stringent and demanding in the country. When you hire Spy Tech Investigations, you can rest assured that all of our highly experienced private detectives are properly licensed by the State of Florida and have satisfied all of the licensing requirements necessary under Chapter 493.

Call Now For Your Free Private Investigation Consultation!



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Spy Tech Investigations has over 50 Years Experience conducting investigations.