Server Theft
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Server Theft

Bartender & Server Theft Spotting in Tampa


If you own a bar or restaurant, are you confident that your profits are what they could, and should be, or do you have some concerns? Do you know if your servers are making proper pours? If you allow employees to have alcohol, do they properly account for it on the point of sale machine so you can efficiently keep track? If you allow your servers to occasionally give out free drinks, do they properly record it when they do? There are many ways that your business might be losing a great deal of money. It may be due to outright theft, or simply not following procedures that are designed to maximize your profit margin. In any event, our PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS can provide the answers to any questions you may have about server theft in Tampa.


Bartender & Server Theft Surveillance


Most bar and restaurant owners have their own policies and procedures for server theft, bartender theft, and all sorts of employee theft. Server theft often involves a cash transaction, the service of alcoholic beverages is extremely susceptible to employee theft. Every owner of a bar or restaurant understands that unless they can be present at all times, there will likely be at least some degree of employee theft. Most owners believe that Server Theft in Tampa simply goes with the territory and consider it to be part of the cost of being in that particular type of business. Spy Tech PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS in Tampa can help change that perspective. We have years of experience in spotting and obtaining covert digital video recordings showing bartenders and servers using several methods to steal from the business.

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Protecting Your Business from Server Theft

The financial losses from server theft tricks in Tampa such as over pouring, passing free drinks, palming stolen money, and stolen money to the tip jar can range in the thousands of dollars each month. A consistent 4-count pour instead of a 3-count pour alone will amount to huge losses. There are several other key areas of concern for bar and restaurant owners, some of which can even lead to criminal charges such as serving underage drinkers or obviously intoxicated persons and violations of other aspects of Dram Shop laws.


If you have concerns about the operations of your bar or restaurant, Spy Tech America inc can surreptitiously obtain critical the information you need to answer your questions and in many cases improve your profits or even save your business. Let Spy Tech provide you with the peace of mind you need.


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