White Collar Crime
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White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime in Florida


In Florida, White Collar Crime accounts for billions of dollars in losses every year. Embezzlement, Fraud, Corporate Espionage, Grey Market Sellers, Product Diversion, Non-Compete Violations are just a few. Led by Florida’s only practicing Investigative Attorney, Spy Tech America inc provides businesses with in-depth White Collar Crime Investigations. Providing a combination of investigative expertise and an advanced knowledge of the law pertaining to White Collar Crime in Florida. Spy Tech America inc creates a unique and highly effective method to investigating white collar crime.  Among other considerations that might be of concern in your White Collar Crime case, we offer specific expertise in investigating internal affairs, policy violations, corporate espionage, employee theft & loss prevention, non-compete & non-disclosure violations, workplace violence investigations and potential sexual harassment and other employment claims.




White Collar Crime Investigations


Digital Forensics can be used to trace any digital fingerprints remaining from various types of white-collar crime.

Undercover Operatives blend in seamlessly to detect company violations from within.

Counter Surveillance can detect any illegal eavesdropping, intrusions or corporate espionage.

Internet Monitoring can legally monitor key employees’ activities and outside threats on the web.



Counter-Intelligence & White Collar Crime


In particular White-Collar Crime cases in Tampa or anywhere in Florida where a company suspects its proprietary information or intellectual property is being compromised through information leaks, pirating or theft, Spy Tech operatives provide counter intelligence to identify and eradicate it. In the United States alone, business losses are estimated to exceed $100 billion each year due to various types of White-Collar Crime. It is vital to the stability of any company to ascertain whether it is subject to espionage, and if so, stop it and prosecute all participating parties.

Call Now For Your Free White Collar Crime Consultation!


Crime Prevention | Business & Personal Due Diligence

In Tampa, Business Due Diligence is a critical precursor to prevent White Collar Crime. It should be conducted prior to entering into any business relationship and often a legal requirement prior to executing a contract. If you are considering entering into a new business relationship, or hiring a new “key” employee, make sure you know everything about their background.


If you are considering entering into a new business relationship in Tampa or anywhere in Florida, or hiring a new “key” employee, make sure you know everything about their background.


Spy Tech America inc is based in the Tampa Bay Area serves the entire State of Florida providing discreet, comprehensive White-Collar Crime investigations of all parties considering entering into a joint venture, partnership, acquisition, merger or other business enterprise. Particularly if dealing with a foreign entity, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act now more than ever causes U.S. entities to look very closely at the history of all participants.


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Spy Tech America inc has over 50 Years Experience conducting investigations.